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Our mission is to promote environmental and economic stewardship through regenerative agriculture. We do this by providing flexible loans to human-scale farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers looking to propel their operations forward.

But we don’t do it alone—Steward gives qualified lenders the opportunity to purchase loan participations, advancing our mission by helping to fund the growth of regenerative agriculture in their community or across the country.

Planting the Seeds of Investment
Planting the Seeds of Investment

What Matters Most

Regenerative - practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watershed health, sequester more carbon than they release, and enhance ecosystem services.

Sustainable - holistic approaches that sustain working lands, natural resources, and local communities.

Human-scale - operations that engage more “hands on the land”, establishing a productive and restorative scale of agricultural management.

Appropriate - right-sized and suitable for a specific community, location, or operation.

Equitable - systems and businesses that support underserved groups and empower communities.

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