About Steward

What We Do

Steward, the world's first crowdfarming platformTM, enables people to invest in sustainable farms. Unlike traditional funding models, our approach creates a win-win outcome for both farmers and sustainability-minded investors.

Steward-backed farmers get the capital they need to sustain and expand their farms, and as their businesses grow they pay back their loan with interest. This translates into regular and healthy returns for our investors - as well as the knowledge that they're directly supporting a sustainable and regenerative food system.

Planting the Seeds of Investment

Where We Came From

Steward's story begins with its founder and CEO, Dan Miller. Ask Dan what inspired him to create Steward, and he'll tell you about early mornings spent crabbing with his dad on the Chesapeake Bay.

This was the experience that rooted him to the land, but it was a meeting with a well-known chef in Dan's hometown, Washington D.C, that would plant the idea of Steward in his mind. He talked about the difficulties facing the independent farmers that supplied his restaurant. The more specialised the farms were, the harder it was to get a loan.

Dan felt that instead of forcing farmers to fit within a box, it should be the other way around. So he committed himself to creating a system that empowers farmers to steward their land sustainably, with consumers—the people with the most to gain from sustainable farming—investing in their success.

Since graduating from the Wharton School with a B.S. and M.B.A in 2010, Dan has seen firsthand the potential of an investment crowdfunding model. From 2010 to 2015, he was Co-Founder, President and a Director of Fundrise, the first and largest US real estate crowdfunding platform, which has raised more than $500 million to date. It's this experience, combined with a passion for agriculture and ecology, that led Dan to Steward.

Partner with Steward

Together with investors and farmers, Steward is strengthening communities, re-nourishing the soil, and putting the pieces of a broken system back together. You can be a part of the future of agriculture by investing in Steward.

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