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Unlike traditional banks or lenders, Steward is 100% focused on regenerative food systems. We offer flexible loan terms and professional services tailored to your business needs. Partnering with Steward also means gaining access to a like-minded team committed to the long-term success of your business. As your operation grows and generates more revenue, pay back your loan with interest—supported by Steward along the way.

Planting the Seeds of Investment

Why Choose Steward

Flexible Loans

Each loan is tailored to your business, making it easier for you to increase revenue and profitability.

Focus on Agriculture

Our team understands the seasonality of farming and food production, so we can craft a loan that works for you.

Innovative Lending Model

The Steward platform creates an opportunity to engage your customers and community in a new way.


We believe in your mission and we will never compromise on ecology nor community.

What You Need to Know

Regenerative agricultural businesses:

  • Diversified fruit & vegetable farms
  • Livestock ranches (cattle, bison, sheep, poultry, etc.)
  • Sustainable fisheries & ocean farming (aquaculture)
  • Food system infrastructure (food hubs & processors)
  • Natural inputs & soil amendments
  • Regenerative foods, textiles, and fibers
  • Agritourism

Specific commercial purposes that will help increase the revenue and profitability of the business. This often includes a combination of:

  • Equipment⏤wash & pack, feed grinder, ice-maker, automated egg washer, milk separator, tractor, refrigerated truck, boat, oyster cages...
  • Infrastructure⏤hoop house, high tunnel, pole barn, farm stand, dry & cold storage, on-site processing, fencing, irrigation, apiary, RAS aquaculture...
  • Land⏤buy the land you farm or acquire a new parcel.
  • Livestock⏤heads of cattle, bison, pigs, etc.
  • Inputs, inventory, working capital, marketing*⏤seeds, soil inputs & amendments, labor, training, restructured debt, branding, packaging design, website, eCommerce...

*May constitute a portion of your loan in conjunction with equipment, infrastructure, or land.

  • U.S. business in good standing (e.g., LLC, corporation partnership, registered nonprofit)
  • 3+ years of business revenue (or new operation with significant experience)
  • Incorporate regenerative and sustainable practices (or transitioning)
  • Securable business assets (e.g., loan collateralized by land, equipment, infrastructure, etc.)

All Steward loans must be secured by collateral to mitigate risk. This means, as part of our diligence process, we evaluate your business assets, explore existing liens, and place a general lien on business assets to secure the loan. Learn more about secured loans here.

  • Loan terms range from 48 to 72 months (sometimes longer)
  • Interest rates vary from 5 to 9%
  • Loan repayments begin 1-12 months after funds are disbursed

Need a short-term bridge loan instead? Note that in your loan application.

Steward charges borrowers a fixed 3% origination fee (we don’t take a spread of the interest rate). Other fees may be required as part of our diligence process depending on the nature of the loan. Learn more about loan fees here.

Not directly, but yes we can sometimes help access grant funding, philanthropic support, loans from other institutions, or private capital. Contact for more information.

We follow Steward’s Regenerative Framework which outlines a series of accepted principles and practices. Learn more about it here.

We look at the big picture, taking a blended capital approach by weighing a mix of debt, grant support, and third party private equity to bring a project to life. Funding is often used to acquire space, start/complete construction, remodel, procure equipment, or expand capacity. Steward partners with industry experts throughout the diligence process to inform the most efficient and effective use of funds.

Contact for inquiries about food systems projects.

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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