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What We Do

Steward champions the success of sustainable ag producers by offering private commercial loans and a suite of expert support services. Becoming a Steward borrower means gaining access to the capital you need to grow your business and enrich your community. Steward backing also means joining a network of other like-minded farms, ranches, fisheries, and producers working together to propel the regenerative agriculture movement forward.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for mission-driven borrowers and responsible lenders to share in the work of rebuilding local food systems that are accessible to all.

Planting the Seeds of Investment

Why Choose Steward

Flexible Funding

We tailor your loan to your business's unique needs, making it easier for you to expand your revenue and profitability.


We believe in your mission, and we will never compromise on ecology nor community. There’s too much at stake.

Growing Network

Join a community of sustainable agriculture businesses to tap into their collective wisdom and experience.

Steward supports a diverse array of human-scale businesses practicing sustainable & regenerative agriculture.

Practices We Fund

Regenerative - methods that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve watershed health, sequester more carbon than they release, and enhance ecosystem services.

Sustainable - approaches that sustain working lands, natural resources, and local communities.

Human-scale - operations that engage more “hands on the land” establish a productive and restorative scale of agricultural management.

Appropriate - right-sized and suitable for a specific community, location, or operation.

Equitable - systems and businesses that support underserved groups and empower communities.

Planting the Seeds of Investment

Become a Steward Borrower

Join a growing community of regenerative farms and sustainable agriculture businesses accessing the capital and expertise they need to flourish.

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