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Impact Lending

By putting your resources to work supporting regenerative agriculture, you’re bolstering local food systems. When producers are able to access loans, they can grow their businesses, create new jobs, and expand their impact. Regenerative agriculture is a scalable climate solution, enriching soil for increased carbon capture while making crops more resilient to shifting environmental conditions. And let’s not forget how people benefit, whether it's more equitable opportunities for underrepresented producers or greater food security in our communities.

What You Need to Know

Agriculture businesses apply for loans from Steward, seeking to borrow funds that will allow them to expand their operations. When a loan application is approved, Steward generates a lending campaign on its platform and invites qualified individuals to back a specific project. These loans typically have terms ranging from 48 to 72 months to support the long-term growth of the business. Learn more here.

Steward Regenerative Capital provides an opportunity for qualified lenders to support a diverse collection of sustainable farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers. Steward uses these resources to make short-term bridge loans to regenerative agriculture businesses in need of swift access to funds. Participating lenders agree to a 9-month term on a fixed interest rate with monthly repayments. Learn more here.

A participated loan is a recognized commercial lending structure that provides multiple individuals with the opportunity to be part of a larger loan. Loans are made to Steward which gathers all participations and once a project funding goal is met, issues a single loan to the borrowing business. Learn more here.

Before an individual participates in a loan, they must self-qualify that they are familiar with financial transactions, able to understand the risks of entering into a loan agreement of this nature, and have the financial capacity to participate. Learn more here.

Select the project you’d like to support–whether Steward Regenerative Capital or an individual lending campaign project. Enter the amount you intend to lend and complete the checkout process. Once you digitally sign your loan agreement with Steward, funds will be automatically drawn from your linked bank account via ACH transfer (typically clearing in 3-5 business days). Learn more here.

Different loans carry different repayment terms. Once a loan is eligible for repayments, participating lenders will have any proceeds deposited directly into their Steward Wallet each month and will continue to receive monthly repayments for the duration of the loan. Make sure to check whether the loan you’re supporting is amortized (principals + interest) or interest-only with a balloon payment of the original principal amount at the end.

Neither. These are interest-bearing loans that you are making to Steward in support of regenerative agriculture. We combine your loan with other lenders, then disburse funds to the borrower. Learn more here.

The minimum loan amount is $100 per transaction.

No. We currently do not charge any fees to participating lenders. Steward originates and services all loans without passing on any fees to lenders. Our goal is to make supporting regenerative agriculture projects on our platform as simple as possible.

Steward Regenerative Capital issues interest repayments on the 15th of each month. Your first loan repayment will start on the 15th of the next month (min. 30 days). So if your loan origination is on April 10th, then your first repayment will be on May 15th. Repayments are made for the duration of the loan term and deposited directly into your Steward Wallet

Individual project loans begin repayments after a deferment period (varies per loan). Once the deferment period ends, lenders will receive a monthly repayment deposited directly into their Steward Wallet for the duration of the loan term.

Once money is deposited into the Steward Wallet, lenders can choose to hold funds there, transfer funds out to their linked bank account, or use their Wallet balance to lend to another project (once there’s at least $100). Learn more here.

Every Steward loan is secured by the borrower’s business assets as collateral. If a borrower were to ever default on their loan, Steward has the right to specific assets that may be used to fund repayments to loan participants.

Yes. Steward goes to great lengths through our diligence process and in the way we structure loans to manage risk as much as possible for participating lenders. But loan repayment is not guaranteed and lending involves assumed risk.

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