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of Regenerative Agriculture

Steward's community-lending platform empowers individuals
to support the ecological and economic regeneration of their region.

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Growing a Better Food System

We are champions for the unsung stewards—those proving that there’s a more sustainable way to grow, raise, and catch our food by taking responsibility for the health of their soil and local communities.

But the going is tough for human-scale producers who struggle to access loans that will propel their businesses forward. Our goal is to bring regenerative agriculture and mission-driven lenders together to share in the good work of rebuilding local and equitable food systems for all.

"Steward is putting capital into helping sustainable, small farms grow." Civil Eats

Put your resources to work.

Let’s repair a broken food system. Support the growth of regenerative agriculture by participating in secured, interest-bearing loans.

Steward’s lending platform makes it easy to back unique agricultural projects or a collection of regenerative businesses. You’re needed in the movement.

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Planting the Seeds of Investment
Planting the Seeds of Investment
Planting the Seeds of Investment

Expand your agricultural business.

When local food systems thrive, we all reap the benefits. For many farms and food producers, accessing flexible financing is key to reaching the next level.

Steward bridges the funding gap by offering business loans and a suite of services designed for regenerative producers.

Apply today and use your loan to upgrade equipment, improve infrastructure, or purchase land–whatever you need to keep growing.

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Cultivating regenerative food systems.

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