Regenerative Capital

Egg Production Equipment Purchase

by Avrom Farm
Egg Production Equipment Purchase

Avrom Farm is taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase a laying flock and necessary infrastructure to establish an egg-laying enterprise.

Project Summary
  • Location: Ripon, WI
  • Products: Fruit & Vegetable Poultry
  • Loan Amount: $7,700
  • Loan Term: 42 months
  • Interest Rate: 8.00% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 1 month after disbursement


Avrom Farm is an integrated vegetable and pasture-based livestock farm in Ripon, Wisconsin. Farm manager Hayden Holbert started the farm in 2015 while on breaks from college in North Carolina, where he was studying sustainable agriculture. The farm sells vegetables, poultry, pork, and other farm products through a mix of sales channels including local restaurants, small grocery stores, and farmers markets. In late 2021, Avrom Farm has the exciting opportunity to create an egg-laying enterprise by acquiring a local egg-laying business. 

Use of Funds

Funds will be used to establish a 450 bird egg-laying enterprise so that Avrom Farm can sell farm fresh eggs to their existing customers and markets. This purchase will include laying hens, nesting boxes, and other key pieces of equipment to seamlessly integrate egg layers into Avrom Farm’s enterprise. Fortunately, much of the existing infrastructure used for broiler chickens can be multi-purposed to support this new enterprise. Through both wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels, Avrom Farm’s current customer base has already indicated an interest in the full production volume of this new flock of layers. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Avrom Farm manages their farm as an ecosystem, so that it remains resilient and productive. They are committed to the following regenerative practices, that include:

  • Integrating vegetable and livestock farming in order to use the ecosystem services from each to reduce inputs and increase on-farm biodiversity.

  • Focusing on pasture management to ensure manure from livestock is regenerating the land and nourishing the soil while also creating exceptional meat.

  • Practicing deep-bedding farrowing, so that large amounts of manure and bedding can be composted and used in their vegetable fertility program.

  • Collaborating with other regenerative local producers and artisans to increase the supply of local, wholesome food across central Wisconsin and the Chicagoland area.

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