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Farm Infrastructure For Season Extension

by Five Cardinals Farm
Farm Infrastructure For Season Extension

Five Cardinals Farm is expanding production by extending operations year round to keep up with current demand and tap into new markets.

Project Summary
  • Location: Plain View, VA
  • Products: Flowers Fruit & Vegetable
  • Loan Term: 60 months
  • Interest Rate: 8.00% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 6 months after disbursement
100% of $10,300

Funded on 07/23/2021


In spring of 2021, Chris and Allyson Boop purchased 30 acres in Plain View, Virginia to become the permanent home for Five Cardinals Farm. Previously leasing land to house their diversified fruit and vegetable farm, they are diligently working to expand their CSA offerings, extending operations year-round and increasing the number of shares sold to meet growing demand for their product. 

Use of Funds

In the moderate climate of Virginia, extending the growing season into the winter months can provide farmers with a significant boost in revenue. Five Cardinals Farm hopes to tap into this untouched market by creating the infrastructure needed to cultivate year-round. Time is of the essence to install low-tunnels and convert an old farm building into a greenhouse for the upcoming 2021 fall season. In addition to season extension, acquiring new equipment for planting and harvesting will improve efficiency on the farm and help expand an already rapidly growing CSA program. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Five Cardinals Farm works with nature instead of against it. They prioritize the health of their soil and cultivate the land using a holistic approach that employs the following techniques:

  • Cover cropping adds organic matter into the soil and, when combined with no-till practices, improves soil health, retains soil carbon, and enhances plant growth

  • Building and applying organic soil amendments through the composting of crop residues and the integration of animals on the land provides a natural fertilizer for this chemical-free operation

  • High crop diversity and companion planting aids in ecosystem health and pest control

  • Once animals are integrated into production, a holistic farm management plan will further contribute to soil health and improve the fertility of the land
  • July 26, 2021

    Thank You!

    Thank you everyone who participated in our campaign! Our family feels extremely blessed to have such support for the farm! First order of business will be to purchase the high tunnels so we can have them installed before the winter season begins. We also need to order the materials to renovate an old barn / outbuilding into our greenhouse. You'll definitely want to see the before and after pictures of this project! Thank you again!

Season Extension--$3,445: including two caterpillar tunnels, row cover, and greenhouse materials to extend the growing season into the winter

Equipment--$1,623: including a 6-row seeder, a greens harvester, and a cooling unit to create a cold room

Operating Costs--$5,232: including the cost of packaging materials, seeds, potting mix, and soil amendments for four growing seasons

Total Budget: $10,300

This loan will be made to Five Cardinals Farm, a Virginia limited liability company, which grows and sells fresh produce for their local community.

This loan will fund the purchase of season-extending equipment and operating costs, allowing Five Cardinals Farm to expand their CSA operations. 

The total loan amount is $10,300, which will assist Five Cardinals Farm in growing and expanding their business.

This loan is set at an 8% interest rate, with a 60-month term, and fully amortized monthly payments beginning 6 months after funds are disbursed.

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