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Equipment And Infrastructure For Vegetable Farm Expansion

by Mighty Gnome Market Garden
Equipment And Infrastructure For Vegetable Farm Expansion

Mighty Gnome Market Garden is adding equipment and expanding infrastructure to increase the efficiency of their intensive vegetable production.

Project Summary
  • Location: Waynesville, NC
  • Products: Fruit & Vegetable
  • Loan Term: 60 months
  • Interest Rate: 7.25% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 6 months after disbursement
  • Individual Lender Cap: $500
100% of $11,500

Funded on 03/11/2022


Mighty Gnome Market Garden is an intensive small-scale vegetable farm in western North Carolina, founded by Mark McDonagh and Danielle Keeter in 2017. They currently offer CSA shares to 30 families and one workplace (the City of Asheville), sell at several farmers markets in the region, and have two wholesale accounts and an online shop. After four years of short-term leasing, this past fall, Mighty Gnome found their permanent home and moved to a long-term 'lease to own' site in Waynesville. They’ve already installed a 30x70’ heated greenhouse to serve as both a nursery and production tunnel, and are excited to finally create their own on-site compost system and invest in growing perennials to create pollinator habitats. 

Use of Funds

Mighty Gnome’s loan from Steward will fund the acquisition of new equipment and on-farm improvements necessary for their new land. They will be building out appropriately-scaled infrastructure including a new wash-and-pack station and irrigation system. The purchase of cultivation and nursery equipment as well as a walk-behind direct seeder will help to increase the efficiency of their intensive vegetable production. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Mighty Gnome Market Garden grows fresh, seasonal produce with people and the planet at the forefront of their mission. They employ several plant-based techniques and operate with ethical living-wage labor practices. Their regenerative practices include:

  • Implementing a low-till approach to land cultivation to maintain high soil fertility and minimal disruption to the microbial ecosystem.

  • Following all organic standards in their growing practices, including sourcing organic seed stock.

  • Using plant-based soil amendment alternatives, such as brewing a mushroom-based compost tea for fertilization.

  • Prioritizing working towards employing a small work force that is paid a living wage.
  • March 17, 2022

    Project Fully Funded - Thank You!

    We just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us reach our project goal! Your support means so much & we're grateful for the opportunity you've given us to help our market garden thrive. If you'd like to follow along with our journey, check in here for updates about the project from time to time or you can subscribe to our newsletter at mightygnomemarketgarden.com.

    Thank you again for your support,
    Mark & Danielle

Irrigation--$4,000: Including a solar pump, sprinklers, and poly tubing. 

Nursery Materials--$3,000: Including trays, pots, and shade cloth. 

Wash and Pack Station--$1,000: Including washing containers and a high pressure hose.  

Equipment--$3,500: Including cultivation equipment and a walk behind direct seeder. 

Total Budget: $11,500

This loan will be made to Mighty Gnome Market Garden LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company, which grows and sells diversified produce for their local community. 

This loan will be used to purchase equipment and improve infrastructure.

The total loan amount is $11,500 which will assist Mighty Gnome Market Garden in growing and expanding their business.

This loan is set at a 7.25% interest rate, with a 60 month term, and fully amortized monthly payments beginning 6 months after funds are disbursed.

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