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Mountain Girl Foods

by Mountain Girl Foods
Mountain Girl Foods

Manufacturing food goods from farms with sustainable practices. We make products from what we grow on our land and help other farms in the process.

Project Summary
  • Location: Central Texas, TX
  • Products: Bees Dairy Flowers Fruit & Vegetable Livestock Poultry
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Mountain Girl Foods: Manufactures farm grown goods for sale. Retail and wholesale. We are needing $350,000 to purchase land and begin operations for the first year of our food production company.

We started our journey into farming 10 years ago in Texas. We were in search of better food for our family. I started volunteering for a farm with an event kitchen, and it was their teachings that led me to search for more trustable, clean, chemical-free, and non-GMO foods.

We rented a farm in Oregon to put all our efforts into learning how to humanely raise meats such as poultry (for meat and eggs), quail, cattle, pigs, goats, rabbits, and lamb.

We have worked in poultry processing plants, worm farms, a soil company, a Christmas tree farm, a seafood dip processing plant, and a freeze-dried food company. We have grown our own produce and fruit, and we've made jams and jellies, stew and canned goods. We also learned freeze-drying and dehydrating procedures.

I have been canning and processing foods or dehydrating them for years. I want to take my knowledge of farming and love for nature to create foods for people in search of food that creates an impact. If we grow our own products and support other small farms, we are helping to create products for people with their good in mind. No large factory production here. We will use small delicious batches of quality food products in everything we make.

As the CEO, I bring the experience of 25 years of corporate training. I have been building my skills to use for my farm business for some time. I have earned $1,500,000.00 in personal sales for other companies. I have become proficient in customer service, collections, systems structure, marketing, trade shows, communication, billing, permits, and payroll. I have learned how to successfully scale a small business.

American farms are failing. Especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to act. I want to use my knowledge and skills to help feed people. The world needs new farmers. I have the hard working dedication to create a successful, sustainable farm to fill that need. I was born to be here at this time farming.

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