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Organic Farm Expansion

by The Colorado Peach Company
Organic Farm Expansion

Expanding into a regenerative organic fruit and vegetable operation on 10 acres of leased farmland in Paonia, CO.

Project Summary
  • Location: Paonia, CO
  • Products: Fruit & Vegetable
  • Loan Term: 60 months
  • Interest Rate: 8.00% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 3 months after disbursement
100% of $30,000

Funded on 04/02/2021


The Colorado Peach Company, located in Fort Collins, CO, started as a produce retailer/distributor in 2017. This year we are expanding into a 10-acre regenerative certified organic mixed fruit & vegetable farm in Paonia, CO.

They currently specialize in fresh organic tree-ripened peaches and other local produce. Retail outlets include farmers markets and produce stands, as well as wholesale distributors and independent produce retailers. They also offer fundraising with boxes of peaches for non-profits and other organizations.

This new organic 10-acre site will produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to supply their primary distribution partner, Fresh Start Produce in Denver, CO. Last year, one of the largest distributors of organic produce in Denver was acquired by a national distributor. They no longer specialize in organic, leaving an opportunity to expand and serve Denver’s growing organic market. They are also considering other farmers markets and restaurants in the nearby towns, such as Aspen and Steamboat Springs.

Use of Funds

This is the second part of a two-part loan from Steward. The first loan covered the deposit and funds to secure the property. Repayments on this initial $8,000 loan began in January of 2021.

Now that they've secured the property, this second loan will cover the nuts and bolts of building out the farm. Costs include:

  • Seed-starting greenhouse
  • Holding pond for mountain snow-melt & spring-fed irrigation water
  • Water-saving drip irrigation system (a must in the semi-arid Rocky Mountain region)
  • Field preparation with organic soil amendments & microbial inoculants
  • Certified Organic seed & plant stock
  • Spring farm labor (planting, weeding, etc.)
  • Wash / pack shed for sorting & packing produce post-harvest
  • Walk-in cooler to keep produce at peak freshness
  • Basic loading dock setup
  • Initial spring overhead (Insurance, farm rent, utilities, etc.

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Healthy plants come from a balanced living soil food web. Their primary focus at The Colorado Peach Co. is the feeding and regeneration of their soil. This includes:

  • Using microbial inoculants and mineral supplements. Microbial inoculants drastically increase the amount of nutrients available to the plant in a usable form.
  • Healthy, well-mineralized, well-hydrated plants are far less prone to issues from pests or disease.
  • Healthy plants grown in healthy soil results in produce that is high-quality, nutrient-dense, high brix (sugar content), and are absolutely delicious.

Steward Comments

Steward is excited to support The Colorado Peach Company as they prepare for the 2021 season and serve even more customers in the Fort Collins, CO area. The only thing better than fresh peaches, is fresh peaches in Colorado!
  • April 28, 2021

    Spring Update

    Hello! Spring preparations are in full-swing here at the new farm site. Most of my time spent in front of the computer recently has been researching, searching & ordering supplies, so I wanted to pause briefly to post a quick update for all of you! Field prep tractor work has begun, soil samples are at the lab being tested, growing supplies started arriving last week, irrigation water is flowing, and we’re on track to start the first rounds of spring planting in a couple of short weeks. I’ll be posting additional updates on social media in the coming days (@ColoradoPeachCompany on Facebook & Instagram). Thanks everyone! -Nate

  • April 05, 2021

    Loan Reached 100%, Thank You Lenders!

    I came in from working Friday evening, and checked my email to find the loan had already reached 100%! I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every lender who helped move this regenerative organic farm forward. I’m excited to start work on building out infrastructure & planting the first crop in the coming weeks! I’ll continue sharing regular farm updates & photos with you on social media (@ColoradoPeachCompany on Facebook & Instagram), along with periodic updates here on Steward.

Field Prep & Seeds - $5,000

Irrigation Pond & Drip Setup - $3,800

Propagation Tunnel w/ Heater - $3,500

Spring Expenses & Organic Certification - $12,700

Wash and Pack Setup & Walk-in Cooler - $5,000

Total Budget - $30,000

This loan will be made to Colorado Peach and Produce LLC, doing business as The Colorado Peach Company. Colorado Peach and Produce LLC is a Colorado limited liability company, which specializes in Local / Organic tree-ripened peaches, along with an assortment of seasonal produce. 

This loan is for 2021 field prep and seeds, an irrigation setup, a propagation tunnel, organic certification, and a wash/pack setup & walk-in cooler.

The total loan amount is $30,000 which will assist The Colorado Peach Company in growing and expanding their business.

This loan is set at an 8% interest rate, with a 60-month term, and fully amortized monthly payments beginning in 3 months after funds are disbursed.

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