The Steward Farm Trust

An investment portfolio that helps grow more than just your wealth*

What is The Steward Farm Trust?

The Steward Farm Trust owns a portfolio of loans made to handpicked and vetted farms. Investing in the Trust lets you support a diverse group of sustainable farm businesses with a single investment. The deal is simple: as farmers grow their business and profits, they pay back the loans with interest, yielding dividends to investors.

Planting the Seeds of Investment
Planting the Seeds of Investment

Why invest in The Steward Farm Trust

A diverse portfolio

An investment in the Steward Farm Trust means that your money isn't linked to the success of just one farm. The result is more reliable returns and less risk*.

Greater impact

For sustainably-minded investors, the Steward Farm Trust is a great way to help support the largest number of independent farms across the United States and beyond.

Fuel the movement

The more funding The Steward Farm Trust receives from investors, the more farms can join the platform and get access to the capital they need to flourish.

Healthy returns

Investing in the Trust gives you more than a warm and fuzzy feeling—your funding translates into regular dividend payments*.

Invest Offering Circular

Featured projects in our portfolio

Future projects

There are hundreds of farms waiting for Steward's support. With your investment, these are the farms we'll be backing next.

Farm Name Location Farm Type
Domaine Julien Guillon Valais, Switzerland Wine
Iverstine Family Farms Kentwood, LA Livestock Poultry
Dusty Roads Farm Franklinton, LA Fruit & Vegetable
ShangriLa Farms Seaside, OR Forestry Livestock
Naked Acres Beavercreek, OR Fruit & Vegetable Livestock
The Fleischer Family Farm Lakewood, CO Bees Fruit & Vegetable
True Livin’ Farms Washington, OK Fruit & Vegetable
Red Rooster Farms Booneville, AR Fruit & Vegetable Livestock
Avrom Farms Ripon, WI Fruit & Vegetable Livestock
Clear Creek Family Farm Clarkson, NE Livestock
Kubed Root Buffalo, NY Fruit & Vegetable
Sierra Valley Farm Beckwourth, CA Fruit & Vegetable

Invest in the Steward Farm Trust

Join a growing community of sustainably-minded investors reaping the rewards from responsible farming*