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Inventory Financing For Big Picture Foods Expansion

by Big Picture Foods
Inventory Financing For Big Picture Foods Expansion

Big Picture Foods produces olives, capers, and peppers that are “grown right, and processed clean.” This financing will help them scale up nationally.

Project Summary
  • Location: Barrington, RI
  • Products: Value added/CPG
  • Loan Amount: $600,500
  • Loan Term: 9 months
  • Net Interest Rate: 9.00% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 3 months after disbursement


Big Picture Foods is a consumer packaged goods company offering Regenerative Organic Certified and naturally-fermented olives, peppers, and capers that are “grown right, and prepared clean” with no compromises. They sell to major national retailers such as Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Chris Jensen, one of the company’s Founders and Head of Operations, makes clear that the goal of Big Picture Foods is to provide regenerative food, produced naturally—but, he says “We start with flavor.” Everything Big Picture produces is naturally-grown, naturally-fermented, and never heated or depleted in processing. They pride themselves on doing things the right way—ecologically and economically.

The company’s three founders—Daniela, Chris, and Sotiris—bring decades of experience in growing, marketing, and selling food to regional and national markets. They designed Big Picture Foods from the outset to be vertically-integrated—from the farmer up—to ensure that all partners in the production chain have a stake in, and a fair share of, the company’s success. 

Use of Funds

This loan will be used to purchase additional inventory of Regenerative Organic Certified olives, peppers and capers to increase Big Picture Food’s distribution as they head into a year of growth with Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other food service channels. Big Picture works closely with their on-the-ground manufacturers in Greece and Turkey. Given the international supply chain Big Picture has built, orders need to be methodically planned to ensure there is adequate product available for all sales channels. This loan will enable Big Picture to increase the number of containers they are purchasing to meet growing demand. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Daniela Jensen, Co-Founder and Head of Brand, sums up Big Picture’s approach to agricultural production: “There’s no need to cut corners. When you work with nature, she gives back abundantly.” 

In this way, Big Picture Foods is able to produce incredible food that has been “grown right, and prepared clean.” The farms and groves that supply Big Picture Foods practice “the old style” of natural farming, and have never practiced anything else. They use no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. They welcome the weeds for the pollinators they attract.

In processing, Big Picture Foods uses natural and ancient fermentation methods with only three ingredients: water, salt, and kosher wine vinegar—meaning there’s no need for additives or chemical curing. Everything Big Picture Foods produces is certified through the Regenerative Organic Certification and produced on small, regenerative farms in Turkey and Greece. Presently, the farming and production practices they’re using include:

  • No-till soil management

  • Biodynamic management

  • Perennial crops

  • No pesticide use, ever

  • No herbicide use, ever

  • Natural fermentation

  • Maintenance of Regenerative Organic Certification standards

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