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Steward Regenerative Capital

by Steward

Put your resources to work supporting a diverse collection of short-term bridge loans made to regenerative farms and food producers.

Project Summary
  • Interest Rate: 5.75% APR
  • Rollover Premium: +0.50%
  • Loan Term: 9 months
  • Min. Loan: $100

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Diverse Producers, Perennial Yield, Endless Impact

Steward Regenerative Capital

Steward Regenerative Capital provides short-term bridge loans, giving regenerative farms and food producers swift access to the funds they need to keep growing.

Qualified lenders can support a diverse collection of farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers by funding Steward Regenerative Capital. Simply choose your participation amount and receive a fixed 5.75% annual interest rate, paid monthly.

While direct, community-sourced loans fuel the long-term growth of regenerative farms, growers also face immediate, short-term financial needs that must be met to maintain continuous production or pursue time-sensitive opportunities (e.g., repairing a tractor, paying for feed and transport before livestock are processed, or purchasing equipment at auction).

Steward Regenerative Capital seeks to bridge this gap, supporting a suite of agricultural stewards in the critical period of preparation before embarking on a larger capital raise. This secured, semi-liquid lending opportunity is another way we can work together to propel regenerative agriculture forward.

  • Diversify your support by backing a collection of regenerative farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers
  • Monthly payments with a fixed 5.75% interest (APR) through a 9-month loan
  • Lend with confidence that your loan is secured by Steward’s entire suite of short-term loans
  • Start lending today at $100, or fund up to $1 million

Put your resources to work by funding Steward Regenerative Capital!

Why did you create Steward Regenerative Capital?

Steward Regenerative Capital was created to provide short-term bridge funding to vetted agricultural businesses in Steward's network, while offering a diversified, semi-liquid lending opportunity with a reliable fixed interest rate and monthly repayments.

What is the minimum and maximum I can lend?

You can participate in Steward Regenerative Capital by lending as little as $100 to as much as $1,000,000.

Can I lend more than once to Steward Regenerative Capital?

Yes! Simply repeat the checkout process to lend additional capital.

Will the interest rate ever change?

The interest rate for Steward Regenerative Capital is subject to change. Steward will set raise $ limits or dates before ever reviewing the interest rate. Any loans made prior to rate adjustment will continue to receive the agreed upon interest rate for the duration of that loan period.

How do I withdraw my funds from Steward Regenerative Capital?

All loans made to Steward Regenerative Capital have a 9-month term. Upon completion, your principle will be returned in full to your Steward Wallet. You can withdraw funds early with at least 3-months notice by making a withdrawal request through the Holdings section of your Steward account dashboard. 

How do I receive my monthly interest payments?

Interest payments will be automatically deposited into your Steward Wallet on the 15th of each month. You can then transfer your funds out to your linked bank account or re-lend to Steward Regenerative Capital or another lending campaign.

What transaction methods are available when lending capital?

You can transfer funds by ACH (direct debit), wire transfer, or pay with funds in your Steward Wallet.

Why do I need to provide my personal information when lending to Steward Regenerative Capital?

Ensuring the security of financial transactions on our platform is of utmost importance here at Steward. In order to maintain strict privacy and safety standards, our payment facilitator must verify the identity of everyone who registers for a Steward payment profile by asking for such information as your Name, Address, Date of Birth (DOB), and Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN).

This requirement ensures we comply with federal laws (like the US Patriot Act) and the requirements of the US Treasury Department and National Credit Union Association. Please don't be offended if we take extra steps to verify your account by asking for additional information, such as photo ID or documentation.

What is Steward Regenerative Capital's Automatic Rollover feature?

When you make a loan to Steward Regenerative Capital, you now have the option to enable Automatic Rollover. With this feature, the principal value of your loan will automatically roll over at maturity, creating a new loan with a new 9-month term and earning the prevailing base interest rate plus Rollover Premium. 

For more information, visit our Help Center here.

Learn more about Regenerative Capital in the Steward Help Center

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