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Diversified Crop Production And On-Farm Hospitality

by Saturn's Return
Diversified Crop Production And On-Farm Hospitality

Emma Rastatter and Wiley Webb are establishing a regenerative farm ecosystem to meet gaps in the regional food system and reopen a treasured community space.

Project Summary
  • Location: Friday Harbor, WA
  • Products: Fruit & Vegetable Poultry Perennial Crops
  • Maturity Date: 06/21/2030
  • Interest Rate: 7.50% APR
100% of $2,863,800

Funded on 03/17/2024



Saturn’s Return is an Inn and diversified production farm that draws from all ecosystems on the property—wetlands, forest, and agricultural land—to yield vegetables, cut flowers, perennial food crops like nuts and berries, and pastured livestock. They offer guests the opportunity to eat from the land, to experience regeneration, and to get as involved (or not involved) in the act of growing food as they please.

Owners Emma and Wiley are just wrapping up an overwhelmingly successful first year of operation. They have enjoyed a year full of guests, retreats, tours, and dinners at the farm. They’ve proven the market demand for—and their own ability to deliver—opportunities for people to fall in love with a regenerating and nourishing landscape.

In the last year, Emma and Wiley have been busy renovating, hosting, and farming while at the same time rebuilding the ecological abundance on the land’s 42-acres. They’ve been planting trees, growing vegetables, and raising animals in contextually-appropriate ways that rebuild the land’s ecological cycles and natural resources.

The business is currently outperforming revenue projections, and spending far less than projected expenses—even with planned closures to make time for renovations to the inn that will provide guests with elevated accommodations going into next year.

Note: Emma and Wiley’s farm was previously known as the “San Juan Center for Regenerative Economy,” (SJCRE) a temporary name that has now evolved into “Saturn’s Return.” While the name has shifted, the farm, goals, and participants are all consistent with the SJCRE project listing.

Use of Funds

Saturn’s Return opened in the spring of 2023. Their opening coincided with their first Steward loan campaign to refinance the purchase of the property. During that first campaign, Steward sold $1,767,800 of the total $2,863,800 loan in loan participations to our lender network. The remaining $1,096,000 was held by Steward Regenerative Capital (SRC).

Since the close of that campaign, interested lenders from Emma and Wiley’s personal and local networks came forward and participated in the loan for a combined additional $505,000—further reducing the amount held by SRC.

Given the continuing interest from lenders to support the work at Saturn’s Return, we’ve decided to offer the remaining balance held by SRC to our lender network. This will enable more people to join the campaign to support Saturn’s Return while freeing up more capital in SRC to support new projects.

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

In order to fit within the unique agro-ecological niche of the NW islands and mitigate the expense of importing inputs, Saturn’s Return utilizes a broad range of regenerative practices to invest in the farm soils and ecosystem:

  • After establishment, garden beds will be managed as “no-till”

  • On-site compost production and vermicomposting of food scraps from the inn’s commercial kitchen will scale to meet farm needs and ideally yield surplus for sale

  • Alley cropping and agroforestry combine the benefits of perennial fruit and nut production with annual rows of vegetables and flowers

  • Pastured poultry and other livestock will graze the agricultural lands adding diversification, disrupting pest life cycles, and improving soils

  • Licensed seaweed harvesting adds the most local possible form of micronutrients to agricultural soils and contributes to a “closed-loop” farm model

  • Riparian plantings and restoration work along the Garrison Creek watershed will protect the spawning grounds (on the farm property) of the island’s last population of native cutthroat trout

  • Diversifying the farm business with on-site hospitality and events contributes to a more sustainable bottom line and the ability to pay living wages to farm staff 

  • July 10, 2023

    Thank You For Your Support!

    Thank you so much for your generous contribution to our Steward campaign!

    We’re deeply grateful to steward these 42 acres of wild abundance, to bring fallow pasture into diversified production, and to invite community into the journey. Your support directly makes this work possible, and we hope you'll come visit soon to experience it in person!

    Here are a few updates from a busy spring and early summer on the farm:

    Our inn is up and running, and we’ve booked over $160K in revenue for 2023 so far. If you know of someone visiting the San Juans this year, please send them our way!

    For our first farm season, we've put 1 of our 13 agricultural acres into production, including intensive vegetable and flower production, 35 pastured hens, 2 honey bee hives, and a trial agroforestry block of 30 fruit and nut trees.

    Local ecology non-profit, Kwiaht, was awarded a $21K grant by a private donor to restore the riparian corridor along our stretch of Garrison Creek, critical habitat for the last population of native cutthroat trout on San Juan Island. Funds will be used over the next year for planning, propagation, and planting, both along the stream itself and in our forest and wetlands where vegetation can contribute to water management.

    We're currently working with our county Conservation District to develop a comprehensive farm plan, including a farm-scale composting system for which we can tap up to $50K of cost-share dollars.

    And stay tuned for the second installment of our Steward campaign this autumn. We'll be refinancing the last $1.1M of our bridge loan, and we'd appreciate your referrals!

    We hope to meet every one of you here someday soon. Cheers to making a world with more life in it!

    - Emma & Wiley

This loan will be made to SJCRE LLC, DBA Saturn's Return, a Delaware limited liability company, which hosts guests at their farm Inn and has diversified crop production on-site. 

This loan will be used to refinance their short-term 9-month loan which was used to secure the property in June of 2022. This loan is secured by a first mortgage and a first priority lien against all business assets of Saturn's Return.

This loan is set at a 7.5% interest rate, with a term of 84 months. Repayments are made to participating lenders each month with interest-only payments for the first 12 months of the loan and monthly payments of principal and interest on a 20-year amortization schedule thereafter.

Repayment Schedule Explanation

The first 12 months of the loan are interest only, in other words, Saturn’s Return will make monthly payments equal to the interest due but will not make any principal payments that decrease the balance of the loan. 

Beginning in month 13 the loan will start amortizing on a 20-year schedule. At this point, Saturn's Return monthly payments will increase to an amount that covers the interest due and a small portion of the principal.

At the end of the loan term, there will be a principal balance remaining. Saturn’s Return will be responsible for paying off the outstanding principal balance. This will most likely occur with a new loan provided by Steward or another financial institution.

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