Regenerative Capital

Fish Processing Construction Loan

by Tre-Fin Day Boat Seafood
Fish Processing Construction Loan

To meet growing market demand, Tre-Fin is building a new 3500-square-foot processing and distribution facility that will triple its processing capacity.

Project Summary
  • Location: Ilwaco, WA
  • Products: Fishery
  • Loan Amount: $1,392,000
  • Loan Term: 12 months
  • Interest Rate: 7.25% APR
  • Repayments Begin: 1 month after disbursement


Mike Domeyer and a team of experienced and passionate team members operate Tre-Fin Day Boat Seafood out of Ilwaco, Washington. Tre-Fin operates its own processing and distribution, delivering value-added seafood products directly to consumers through a Community Supported Fishery model and through wholesale, restaurant, and retail sales. It’s a huge undertaking and one that has involved constant adaptation and reimagining, all with the end goal of delivering quality food while caring for the health of fisheries and the livelihoods of those who steward them. 

The Tre-Fin team does this work because of their commitment to the aquatic ecosystem and their desire to create a more sustainable and equitable regional seafood economy. The new model they are creating represents fair wages and good jobs, healthy fisheries, and a sustainable industry to pass on to the next generation—as Mike describes, the antithesis of trawling. 

Use of Funds

In 2021, Mike connected with Steward to purchase the building for their new production facility that could increase the throughput two or three-fold, and also serve as direct retail space for their products and those of other local fishers. A participated loan campaign secured $260,000 to purchase the building and begin the process of building out a new processing facility. But of course, that was only the first step. The next hurdle was to secure permits and line up plans for construction. Tre-Fin is now ready to build out their new processing facility which will triple its processing capacity and enable Tre-Fin to have a greater impact on their local, blue economy.

Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

Tre-Fin is committed to transparency and truly sustainable seafood sourcing. They embrace this core mission through the following practices:

  • Hook-and-line Harvesting—Reeling in fish on a traditional rod and line minimizes the amount of by-catch that occurs, which is a major ethical and sustainability issue of industrial “catch-all” methods.

  • Circle Hooks—Circle hooks catch on or near the mouth of the fish (rather than the gullet), which minimizes damage, increasing the survivability of released fish.

  • The 24-Hour Rule—This self-imposed limit not only ensures freshness and quality, it also means Tre-Fin won’t simply travel further and further as local fisheries are exhausted. It’s an unprecedented commitment to place in an industry desperately lacking true stewards.

  • Fair Wages for Fishermen—Seafood is still a people business, and the burnout, financial insecurity, and inconsistent wages common on the Ilwaco docks are unacceptable by Tre-Fin standards. Tre-Fin’s CSF provides year-round economic opportunity for fishermen who receive premium prices and fair wages through the Tre-Fin Co-Op.

  • Rated by Monterey Aquarium’s Seafood Watch as “Best Choice” for methods that allow stock to replenish at a sustainable rate.

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