Put your money where your mouth is

Doing the right thing can pay

Steward is an investment platform that allows you to discover and directly support sustainable farms, and earn a healthy return on your investment in the process.

As a Steward Investor, you'll be providing much needed capital to the farms at the front line of the fight for our food system, helping them compete with the powerful Goliaths of industrial agriculture. And as they grow, you share in their success—and their yields.

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Planting the Seeds of Investment

The deal is simple. With money and the guidance of our expert advisors, Steward-backed farmers invest in their businesses, improving and expanding their operations and increasing their profits. As farms grow, Steward investors share in those returns—whether you invest $100 or $100,000.

The Steward Farm Trust

Investing is a lot like farming—it pays not to keep all your eggs in one basket. The Steward Farm Trust lets you support a diverse portfolio of sustainable farm businesses with a single investment. And the deal is simple: investment means growth for farmers and dividends for investors. Download the Offering Circular

Farm Investment

Each and every Steward farm, while united by a common goal, is unique. So if you're especially interested in the work of particular farm, or simply want to support a sustainable business that's local to you, eligible investors have the option to invest directly in specific Steward farms.

Other Investments

There are many types of investments out there, but there's no wrong way to invest in the land. If there's a particular type of investment you're looking to make, we're ready to help make it a reality—we're just glad to have you on board.

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Join a growing community of sustainably minded investors reaping the rewards from responsible farming.